Fleu Group, is one of China's leading manufacturers of DIN valves. It specializes in the development of innovative designs, engineering excellence and production acc. to DIN and EN Standards. It is the TUEV's first customer for AD-W0 Certificate for foundries and the TUEV's first customer for TA Luft Certificate for valves in China. 

Its major products include Gate, Globe, Check and Ball valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, gray iron and ductile iron. These products have been applied to a wide variety of applications in Gas, Oil, Refining and Chemical industries. 

The valves are manufactured in one assembling factory,   one own stainless/carbon steel foundry and one own  machining shop. The sales offices, agents and distributors located in Europe and China. 

By wide and effective co-operation and technical communication with lots of Germany enterprises and Chinese institutes,  Fleu Group has been taking a leading position on the production of DIN valves since 1996. To offer more convenient products sourcing to its customers, Fleu Group has widened its products range to ANSI Valves in cooperation with other valves manufacture.

To maintain the products quality and deliveries, the company has implemented POKA YOKE System for the production. This uncompromising quality requirement and just-in-time deal have dramatically improved its production efficiency and reliability.

Fleu Group aims to become one of world's leading DIN Valve manufacturers. Fleu Group's strategies are high performance, absolute reliability and Environmental Friendliness.

Not only its own foundries but also the cooperative foundries have PED and AD2000 W0 Certificates from TUEV. All Fleu valves are available with TA Luft Specifications. All Fleu foundries and factories have used the newest technologies.

We always regard honesty and trustiness as the basis of our co-operation..

  • FLEU Valves Manufacturing Factory

    FLEU Valves Manufacturing Factory
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    representative in germany
  • FLEU Stainless/Carbon Steel Foundry

    FLEU Stainless/Carbon Steel Foundry
  • FLEU CNC Turning and Milling Machining Factory

    FLEU CNC Turning and Milling Machining Factory
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